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With your account at Frankie Dog Hosting, you are entitled to one free migration per each site registered. Most of this process is automatic, so once you're able to export your WordPress Site we'll take care of the rest! The migration can be accomplished in four simple steps:

  1. Create a backup of your current website
  2. Download and install the WordPress migration plugin
  3. Create an export of your current website
  4. Upload your exported website to our interactive portal


Step 1: Create a website backup

Unfortunately, we're not psychic, and the best solution for us "normal people" is to create a safety net. Although our migration solution is well-tested with little to no website disruptions, every website is different. With a fresh backup, you will have peace of mind that nothing will be irreversibly damaged. To create a backup, this will depend on your current hosting provider and how they have their customer interface built. Once a backup has been created, you can move on to the next step


Step 2: Download and install the WordPress migration plugin

For migrations, we leverage the "Duplicator" tool which is available directly through the WordPress plugin store. Simply log into your website, navigate to "Plugins > Add New" and search for the plugin:


Select "Install Now" to begin the process



Once the install has been completed, you can activate the plugin by selecting "Activate"



You should now see the "Duplicator" utility installed on your main navigation panel.



Step 3: Create an export of your website

With the Duplicator plugin installed, simply select it to open the main interface. Click on "Create New" to create a backup of your website.



Name your package the same name of your domain (i.e. FrankieDogHosting). There are many options available at this step, but using the default options is completely fine. Once named, you can select "Next"



The Duplicator plugin will now scan your site to verify its integrity and if it compatible with our servers. After a short time, you should see the board light green continue to the "Build" step.



Once the build has been completed, you will be asked to download two files. The .zip website archive and the installer.php file. You can download both with a single click



You will now have both files on your computer, and can proceed to the final step. Uploading your website to us!


Step 3: Upload your exported website

To begin this process, navigate to our interactive upload portal found at the following location: Once there, begin by selecting both files you have downloaded:



Begin the process by selecting both of the files you have downloaded from the Duplicator plugin and select "Upload Website"



An additional window will come up asking for your credentials. This is the same email address and password you used to register for your account at Frankie Dog Hosting. Complete the captcha and select "Confirm"


Your website will now begin the uploading process. Once the upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation email for the process. Additionally, we will be notified of your upload and can begin the process.



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